ñu∙ñu∙y – /knew-knew-e/ Nursing Apparel

ñuñuy (pronounced knew-knew-e) translates to breastfeed in Quechua (pronounced catch-oo-ah) – the language of the Incas. Quechua is still spoken today by the indigenous people of Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia. Learn more about the history of Quechua and our creator’s inspiration behind ñuñuy Nursing Apparel’s brand name in this blog post.

Why do we Manufacture our Nursing Clothes in Peru?

Brittani married into a Peruvian family. Her travels and excursions there helped inspire the creation of ñuñuy Nursing Apparel. Peru is close to our hearts – and is also home to the highest quality cotton in the entire world! When the idea for the company was born, it was an easy choice to source the fabric and manufacture our breastfeeding clothes in Peru.