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    Sewing machine in a clothing factory

    Behind the Seams

    Creating a piece of clothing involves many different steps and people along the way. You, the consumer who wears the garment, are at one end. At the other end are the people who grow and harvest the cotton, weave the fabric, and cut and sew the final garment.

    As a consumer, it's challenging to see all of the people in this long line of workers in the fashion industry. Transparency is severely lacking in the fashion industry. Our goal is to change that. Unfortunately, child labor is often used to make so much of today's clothing, especially in fast fashion. Additionally, many factories have unsafe working conditions. We must demand better!

    On April 23, 2013 a building collapsed in Bangladesh killing 1,134 people and injuring over 2,500. This incident put a spotlight on the unsafe conditions in the fashion industry. To learn more about fast fashion and what you can do to effect change, read this post here.

    How we're different at ñuñuy Nursing Apparel

    When you purchase from our small mother-owned business, you're supporting the dreams of a mom on a mission to not only support breastfeeding moms, but to also bring positive change to the fashion industry.

    We strive to build long-lasting and genuine relationships with our suppliers, as opposed to chasing after the cheapest price for a higher profit. We track each step in the production of our nursing clothes - all the way from the fiber to the final garment. We only partner with suppliers that share our concerns for human rights and the protection of our environment. Our suppliers certifications and the quality of their work are proof of their dedication to these shared values. Learn more about where our clothing is produced.