nunuy Nursing Apparel - Serenity Nursing Tank in Heather Gray_Breastfeeding

Looking for stylish nursing clothes made with care and the future in mind? We've got you covered! Shop our collection of sustainable and ethically made nursing clothes.


We're practicing Slow Fashion

Why is fast fashion so affordable? The materials used to create these garments are cheap and often toxic. Sadly, the workers are not paid fair and livable wages, and too often they work in unsafe conditions. There is no such thing as cheap fashion. Someone, somewhere, is paying for it.

Quality Nursing Clothes

Not all cotton is created equal. Known for its superior fiber length, durability, and consistency - Peruvian Pima cotton makes the softest and finest clothing you will ever experience. It’s high-quality cotton that lasts. We make nursing clothes to support you through breastfeeding and beyond. Learn more about Pima cotton in this blog post.

We're not your average nursing clothes company

  • Sustainable Materials

    Our entire collection is made from organic and fair-trade cotton.

    Investing in sustainable pieces might cost more money upfront. However, these pieces will last a lot longer in your closet.

  • Nursing Clothes with a Purpose

    Our goal is to design nursing clothes with a purpose. Our breastfeeding clothes are high quality - intentionally designed to be worn, washed, and loved - again and again.

  • Fair Wages Across our Entire Supply Chain

    Every single person involved in the production of our nursing clothes is paid a fair, and livable wage. From the farmer that grows and picks the cotton, to the people that cut and sew our garments.