ñu∙ñu∙y – /knew-knew-e/ Nursing Apparel

The word ñuñuy originates from the Quechua language - spoken by the ancient Incas - and translates to breastfeed.

Inspired by her husband's Peruvian roots, founder Brittani Velasquez chose this meaningful name to capture the essence of nurturing and motherhood.

Meet the Mama Behind the Brand

Founded by Brittani Velasquez, a mother of three, ñuñuy Nursing Apparel was born out of a personal struggle and a passion for designing clothing to meet the needs of breastfeeding mothers just like you.

As a first-time mother, Brittani experienced the challenges that can accompany breastfeeding and felt self-conscious while nursing in public. Nursing clothes were a game-changer, offering convenience and confidence. Yet, she realized there was a need for nursing apparel of better quality – clothing that truly reflected the values of sustainability and durability.

Empathy through Experience

Driven by her experiences and armed with her skills as a home sewist, Brittani embarked on a journey to create her own line of breastfeeding apparel.

When you choose ñuñuy Nursing Apparel, you're purchasing more than just nursing clothes. You're joining a community of mothers who understand your journey and value the importance of feeling comfortable, confident, and stylish while providing the love and care your little one needs. Our thoughtfully designed collection features timeless pieces meticulously crafted from the finest Pima cotton, known for its softness, durability, and luxurious feel.

With our apparel, we make breastfeeding a little bit easier and a whole lot more beautiful.

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