ñu∙ñu∙y – /knew-knew-e/

Translates to breastfeed in Quechua (pronounced catch-oo-ah) – the language of the Incas. Quechua is still spoken today by the indigenous people of Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia. Learn more about the history of Quechua and our creator’s inspiration behind the company name in this blog post.

Meet the Creator

Brittani Velasquez is the founder and creator of ñuñuy. As a mother of two, Brittani has first-hand experience with births that didn’t go as planned. Along with major challenges breastfeeding her babies. Read about her experience breastfeeding her daughter in this blog post. As she adjusted to her postpartum body and the logistics of breastfeeding, Brittani had anxiety over nursing in public. She felt uncomfortable, exposed, and worried about the judgment of people around her. Nursing clothing was a game changer! However, as a home sewist herself, there were things she wished were different in the clothing design.

Instead of clothing that shows wear after just a few washes – she longed for softer, better quality pieces. ñuñuy was born to offer long-lasting, stylish, and luxuriously soft clothing. Our pieces are versatile enough to meet the dynamic demands of any nursing mother’s life.

Why Peru?

 Brittani married into a Peruvian family. Her travels and excursions there helped inspire the creation of ñuñuy. Peru is close to their hearts – and is also home to the highest quality cotton in the entire world! When the idea for the company was born, it was an easy choice to source the fabric and manufacture right in Peru